samedi 11 février 2017

Hey everybody! Today i'm going to write about my favorite kind of series. I really like romantic series or teenage ones like Gossip girl that I have watched a year ago, or action, science fiction like Limitless  and murders like Teen wolf that is an american  serie about adventures of wolves, romantic stories between humans and wolves...I also watched Vampire diaries that talks about two vampire brothers falling in love with a girl and it is full of adventures and fighting between supernatural creatures... Furthermore, I also love horror stories like The walking dead ...

2 commentaires:

  1. Hey Zineb! A friend of mine who moved away to go to college used to watch Teen Wolf while I was there all the time. I convinced this same friend to watch the series I wrote about in my blog post. Do you watch these episodes as they are released or cram in a series on something like Netflix?If you like romance and science fiction, check out my blog post!

    1. Hey Kenoel, I'm actually a real series addicted, especially romance ones, I watch my series by Netflix because it's way easier,I would love to see your blog spot, let's check it out...